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Saratoga Cinnamon

Saratoga Cinnamon.jpg

• Birch wood species
• 3/4″ Thick Solid Full-Overlay Raised Panel Wood Door
• 3/4″ thick face frame
• 1/2″ plywood box
• Unfinished Exterior End Panels
• Soft Close Fully Concealed Hinges
• Natural Interior
• 5-Piece Raised Panel Drawer Head
• 5/8″ Dovetail Wood Drawer Box
• Under Mount Full Extension Soft Close Drawer Guides
• 5/8″ Adjustable Shelves

Saratoga Cinnamon Kitchen.jpg
12 - 21 high wall cabinets.JPG

12" - 21" High Wall Cabinets, Double Door

W3012, W3015, W3018, W3021,

W3612, W3615, W3618, W3621

24 deep wall cabinets.JPG

24" Deep Wall Cabinets, Double Door

W361224, W361524, W361824,

W362124, W421224, W481224

18 high wall cabinet.JPG

18" High Wall Cabinet, Single Door


30 high double door wall cabinets.JPG

30" High Wall Cabinets, Double Doors

W2430, W2730, W3030, W3330, W3630, W3930, W4230

36 High Double door wall cabinets.JPG

36" High Wall Cabinets, Double Doors

W2436, W2736, W3036, W3336, 

W3636, W3936, W4236

wall angle end cabinets.JPG

Wall Angle End Cabinets

WAE30, WAE36, WAE42

wall open end shelf.JPG

Wall Open End Shelves

WOES0630, WOES0636, WOES0642

24 diagonal wall corner cabinet.JPG

24" Wall Diagonal Cabinet


Wall microwave cabinet.JPG

Wall Microwave Cabinets

WMO3030, WMO3036, WMO3042

single glass door cabinets.JPG

12" High Single Glass Door Cabinets

W1212GD, W1512GD, W1812GD,


diagonal glass door cabinets 2.JPG

12" High Diagonal Glass Door Cabinets


diagonal glass door cabinets.JPG

Diagonal Glass Door Cabinets

WDC2430GD, WDC2436GD, WDC2442GD, WDC273615GD,


slotted cubbie.JPG

Slotted Cubbie


stem glass holder.JPG

Stem Glass Holder

SGH30, SGH36

base cabinets double door single drawer.

Base Cabinets, Double Door, Single Drawer

B24, B27, B30, B33, B36

Double Door, Double Drawer 

B39, B42

base cabinets full height double door.JP

Base Cabinets Full Height Double Doors

B24FH, B27FH, B30FH, B33FH, B36FH, B39FH, B42FH

base cabinets two drawers.JPG

Base Cabinets, 2 Drawers

2DB30, 2DB36

farm sink base cabinets.JPG

Farm Sink Base Cabinets

FS36, FS39

lazy susan cabinets.JPG

Lazy Susan Corner Cabinets

LSB33, LSB36

base angle end cabinet.JPG

Base Angle End Cabinet


microwave base cabinet.JPG

Base Mircrowave Cabinet


base waste basket.JPG

Base Waste Basket


pantry single door.JPG

Pantry Single Door 

TP188424, TP189024, TP189624

Double Oven Cabinet.JPG

Double Oven Cabinets

OC338424, OC339024, OC339624

vanity drawer base cabinets.JPG

Vanity Drawer Base Cabinets

VDB12, VDB15, VDB18, VDB24

Vanity sink with drawer.JPG

Vanity Sink with Drawers


42 inch vanity console.JPG

42" Vanity Console


traditional crown molding.JPG

Traditional Crown Molding


base molding.JPG

Base Molding


wall fillers and tall fillers.JPG

Wall Fillers

WF330, WF336, WF342, WF630, WF636, WF642

Tall Fillers

TF396, TF696

toe kick.JPG

Toe Kick


light valance beaded.JPG

Light Valance Beaded Trim


furniture straight trim.JPG

Furniture Straight Molding


Batten Molding.JPG

Batten Molding


quarter round molding.JPG

Quarter Round Molding


beaded valances.JPG

Beaded Valances




SP34.5, SP42

roll out trays.JPG

Roll Out Trays

ROT15, ROT18, ROT21, ROT24, 

ROT30, ROT36

side finished skins.JPG

Side Finished Skins

WS1230, WS1236, WS1242, BS24,


edge banded and beaded panels.JPG

Edge Banded/Edge Beaded Panels

BP4896.75, BP2496.75, BBP4896.25

wall shelf.JPG

Wall Shelves

WSF3612, WSF4812

Hood spice racks.JPG

Hood Spice Rack

HSR0960, HSR0966

24 high wall cabinets.JPG

24" High Wall Cabinets, Double Door

W3024, W3324, W3624

24 deep 24 high wall cabinets.JPG

24" High, 24" Deep Wall Cabinet, Double Door


30 high single door wall cabinets.JPG

30" High Wall Cabinets, Single Door

W0930, W1230, W1530, W1830, W2130

36 High single door wall cabinets.JPG

36" High Wall Cabinets, Single Door

W0936, W1236, W1536, W1836, W2136

42 high wall cabinets single door.JPG

42" High Wall Cabinets, Single Door

W0942, W1242, W1542, W1842, W2142

42 high wall cabinets double door.JPG

42" High Wall Cabinets, Double Doors

W2442, W2742, W3042, W3342, W3642, W3942, W4242

wall square corner cabinets.JPG

Wall Square Corner Cabinets

WSC2430, WSC2436, WSC2442

Wall diagonal cabinets.JPG

Wall Diagonal Cabinets

WDC2430, WDC2436, WDC2442,

WDC273615, WDC274215

wall blind cabinets.JPG

Wall Blind Cabinets

WBC3030, WBC3630, WBC3036, WBC3636, WBC3042, WBC3642

double glass door cabinets.JPG

12" High Double Glass Door Cabinets

W2412GD, W2712GD, W3012GD,

W3312GD, W3612GD

wall glass door cabinets.JPG

Wall Glass Door Cabinets

W1530GD, W1536GD, W1542GD,

W2430GD, W2436GD, W2442GD,

W3030GD, W3036GD, W3042GD

wine rack.JPG

Wine Racks

WR3015, WR3615

X Storage.JPG

X Storage 


base cabinets single door single drawer.

Base Cabinets, Single Door, Single Drawer

B12, B15, B18, B21

base cabinets single full height door.JP

Base Cabinets Full Height Single Door

B09FH, B12FH, B15FH, B18FH, B21FH

base cabinets three drawers.JPG

Base Cabinets, 3 Drawers

3DB12, 3DB15, 3DB18, 3DB24, 3DB30, 3DB36

sink base double doors.JPG

Sink Base Cabinets, Double Door, Single Drawer

SB24, SB30, SB33, SB36

Double Drawer

SB39, SB42

Diagonal sink base cabinet.JPG

Diagonal Sink Base Cabinet


base square corner cabinet.JPG

Base Square Corner Cabinet


blind base cabinets.JPG

Blind Base Cabinets 

BLB39/42, BLB42/45

base spice rack.JPG

Base Spice Rack 


vanity knee drawer.JPG

Vanity Knee Drawers

KD30, KD36

pantry double door.JPG

Pantry Double Door

TP248424, TP249024, TP249624,

TP308424, TP309024, TP309624

vanity base cabinets.JPG

Vanity Base Cabinets

VB12, VB15

vanity sink base.JPG

Vanity Sink Base Cabinets

VSB24, VSB30, VSB36

48 inch vanity console.JPG

48" Vanity Console 


chimney hood.JPG

Chimney Hoods

CH36, CH42

furnitue crown molding.JPG

Furniture Crown Molding


fluted filler.JPG

Fluted Fillers

FF330, FF336, FF342, FF396

light rail molding.JPG

Light Rail Molding


light valance profile.JPG

Light Valance Profile Trim


chair rail.JPG

Chair Rail Molding


scribe molding.JPG

Scribe Molding


Outside corner molding.JPG

Outside Corner Molding


arched raised panel valances.JPG

Arched Raised Panel Valances





Decorative End Panels.JPG

Decorative End Panels

WDD1230, WDD1236, WDD1242,

BDD23.5X25, BDD23.5X30

refrigerator panel.JPG

End Panels

BEP3, REP396

plywood panels.JPG

Plywood Panel


Edge banded panel.JPG

Edge Banded Panel


arched hood.JPG

Arched Hoods

RHA4830, RHA4836, RHA5430, RHA5436

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