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Light Grey Shaker

light grey shaker new.JPG
  • Solid wood door frames are mortise and tenon.

  • 6‐way adjustable concealed hinge with build‐in soft close 110° opening capability.

  • 5/8" solid birch dovetail drawer with a 3/8" plywood bottom with full extension under mount soft slides.

  • 3" interior drawer height.

  • 3/4" X 1½" solid wood face frame.

  • 1/2" select birch veneered plywood back with a nature finished interior.

  • 1/2" select birch veneered plywood side panels splined into face frame.

  • 3/4" select birch veneered plywood adjustable shelving.

  • Base cabinet has 18" deep shelves.


Single Door, Single Drawer Base

BF0924 No Drawer, Full Height door,

B12, B15, B18, B21

Kitchen three-drawer-bases-cabinet.png

Three Drawer Base Cabinets

DB12, DB15, DB18, DB21, DB24,

DB27, DB30, DB33, DB36

Sink Base Double Door, Double Faux Drawe

Sink Base, Double Faux Drawer, Double Door

SB39, SB42

Diagonal Sink Base.JPG

Diagonal Sink Base 


Base Microwave Cabinet.JPG

Base Microwave Cabinet


Lazy Susan Base Cabinets.JPG

Lazy Susan Base Cabinets

LSB33, LSB36

Base End Shelf Cabinet.JPG

Base End Shelf Cabinet


Kitchen waste-basket-base.png

Base Waste Basket Cabinet


24 deep full double door base cabinets.J

24" Deep Full Double Door Base Cabinets

BF2424, BF2724, BF3024, BF3324, 


30 high double door cabinets.JPG

30" High Double Door Wall Cabinets

W2430, W2730, W3030, W3330, 

W3630, W3930

36 high double door wall cabinets.JPG

36" High Double Door Wall Cabinets

W2436, W2736, W3036, W3336, 

W3636, W3936

42 high double door wall cabinets.JPG

42" High Double Door Wall Cabinets

W2442, W2742, W3042, W3342, 

W3642, W3942

48 high two double door wall cabinets.JP

48" High Two Double Doors Wall Cabinets

W2448, W2748, W3048, W3348, 


48 High Wall Diagonal Cabinet.JPG

48" High Diagonal Wall Corner Cabinet


Wall Blind Corner Cabinets.JPG

Wall Blind Corner Cabinets

WBC2730, WBC2736, WBC2742,

Wall End Shelf.JPG

Wall End Shelfs

OE1230, OE1236, OE1242

Wall Drawer Cabinets.JPG

Wall Drawer Cabinets

WD1848, WD1854, WD1860

24 deep bridge wall cabinets.JPG

24" Deep Wall Bridge Cabinets

W331224, W331524, W331824, W332424

W361224, W361524, W361824, W362424

W391224, W391524, W391824, W392424

Plate Rack.JPG

Plate Rack


Glass Holder.JPG

Glass Holder

GL-30, GL-36

Wall Organizer.JPG

Wall Organizer

WO306, WO366


Pantry Cabinets, 2 doors

TP182484, TP182490, TP182496

Kitchen oven-cabinet-double-ovens-with-1

Oven Cabinets

OC3384, OC3390, OC3396

Vanity Base 1 drawer double door.JPG

Vanity Base Cabinets, 1 Drawer, Double Door

VB2421, VB2721, VB3021, VB3321, VB3621

Vanity Sink Base Cabinets.JPG

Vanity Sink Base Double Door Cabinets

VSB2421, VSB2721, VSB3021, VSB3321,


Vanity Sink two drawers double door.JPG

Vanity Sink, Double Door, 2 Drawers on the Left or Right


Vanity single sink double door three dra

Vanity Single Sink, Double Door, 3 Drawers on left, 3 Drawers on right


Knee Drawer.JPG

Knee Drawer


Wall Fillers.JPG

Wall Fillers

WF336, WF342, WF396,

WF630, WF642, WF696

Crown Molding CM4.JPG

Crown Molding


Crown Molding CMR4.JPG

Crown Molding


Scribe Molding SM8-S.JPG

Scribe Molding 


Toe Kick.JPG

Toe Kick


Outside Corner Molding.JPG

Outside Corner Molding

OCM8, OCM8-1 1/4

Refrigerator Panel.JPG

Refrigerator Panels

REP2496‐1 1/2, REP25108‐3/4

Back Panel.JPG

Back Panel



Double Door, Single Drawer Base

B24, B27, B30, B33, B36, B39

Sink Base Double Door Single faux Drawer

Sink Cabinet, Double Door, 1 Faux Drawer

SB24, SB30, SB33, SB36

Farm Sink Base.JPG

Farm Sink Base Cabinet


Base Oven Cabinet.JPG

Base Oven Cabinet


Blind Base Corner Cabinets.JPG

Blind Base Corner Cabinets

BBC39/42(L/R), BBC42/45(L/R)

Base Spice Rack.JPG

Spice Rack Base Cabinet


Base Angle End Cabinet.JPG

Base Angle End Cabinet


24 deep full base door cabinets.JPG

24" Deep Full Double Door Base Cabinets

BF1224, BF1524, BF1824, BF2124

30 high 12 deep sing door wall cabinets.

30" High Single Door Wall Cabinets

W0930, W1230, W1530, W1830, 


36 high single door wall cabinets.JPG

36" High Single Door Wall Cabinets

W0936, W1236, W1536, W1836, 


42 high single door wall cabinets.JPG

42" High Single Door Wall Cabinets

W0942, W1242, W1542, W1842, 


48 high two door wall cabinets.JPG

48" High Two Single Doors Wall Cabinets

W0948, W1248, W1548, W1848, 


Diagonal Corner Wall Cabinets.JPG

Diagonal Wall Corner Cabinets

WDC2430, WDC2436, WDC2442

54 High Diagonal Wall Corner.JPG

54" High Diagonal Wall Corner Cabinet


Wall Microwave Cabinets.JPG

Wall Microwave Cabinets

WM2730, WM2736, WM2742

Wall Angle End Cabinets.JPG

Wall Angle End Cabinets

WAE1230, WAE1236, WAE1242

12 deep wall bridge cabinets.JPG

12" Deep Wall Bridge Cabinets

W2415, W2418, W2421, W3015, W3018, W3021, W3024, W3312, W3315, W3318, W3324, W3612, W3615, W3618, W3621, W3624, W3912, W3915, W3918, W3924

W4212, W4218

Wine Rack.JPG

Wine Rack

WR3015, WR3615

Wine Rack2.JPG

Wine Rack

WR1515, WR1818

Wine Cube.JPG

Wine Cube

WC0630, WC0636, WC0642

Wood Hood.JPG

Wood Hood

RHA3030, RHA3630, RHA4230, RHA4236


Pantry Cabinets, 4 Doors

TP242484, TP242490, TP242496,

TP302484, TP302490, TP302496

Vanity Base cabinets.JPG

Vanity Base Cabinets,1 Drawer, Single Door

VB1221, VB1521, VB1821, VB2121

Vanity Drawer Base.JPG

Vanity Drawer Base Cabinets

VDB1221, VDB1521, VDB1821, VDB2121,

VDB2421, VDB2721, VDB3021, VDB3321,


Vanity Sink two drawers single door.JPG

Vanity Sink, Single Door, 2 Drawers on Left or Right


Vanity Sink double doors 2 drawers on le

Vanity Sink, Double Doors, 2 Drawers on left, 2 Drawers on right

VSD4221, VSD4821

Vanity Two sink double door on left and

Vanity 2 Sinks, Double Doors on Right and Left, 3 Drawers in Middle



Dishwasher panel.JPG

Dishwasher Panel


Base Fillers.JPG

Base Fillers

BF3, BF6

Crown Molding CM6.JPG

Crown Molding 


Light Rail Molding.JPG

Light Rail Molding


Scribe Molding SM8-D.JPG

Scribe Molding 


Quarter Round Molding.JPG

Quarter Round Molding


Inside Corner Molding.JPG

Inside Corner Molding


Plywood Panel.JPG

Plywood Panels

PLY‐34.596‐1/4, PLY‐34.596‐3/4

Roll Out Trays.JPG

Roll Out Trays

RD18, RD21, RD24, RD27, RD30, RD33,


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